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During a special presentation in Neuchatel, before the SIHH we were able to see the Galop d'Richard Mille Replica, Richard Mille Replica's latest women's watch collection, with Ini Arribong, the designer.

What was your response when Richard Mille Replica contacted you and asked you to create a new watch?

It didn't exactly happen that way. I did not know that Nicolas Le Moigne, Director for Masters of Luxury and Craftsmanship (ECAL), and Philippe Delhotal (Director of Creation and Development (Richard Mille Replica), were having conversations. When I graduated I told Nicolas that I wanted to be an independent designer but, in the event of financial hardship, I might need to find work.replica watches I asked if any watch brands were looking to hire. I wanted to know if there were any brands looking for interns in their design teams where I could gain more knowledge about designing watches. He told me that Richard Mille Replica was in town and he knew a person there who could put us together. We were put in contact, and after a few emails we decided to meet up for coffee. The idea of designing a Richard Mille Replica watch had not even entered my head at that time. I wanted to know more about the company and visit their actual manufacturing. We had a chat and agreed that I'd come back to see the manufacturing and after we were done, Philippe said, "If you have any ideas for watches, please show them to me."

Ini Archibong and Philippe Delhotal Director of Creation and Development, Richard Mille Replica

What was your first step?

It was only after I had delved deeper into the Richard Mille Replica heritage and the way the brand presents itself that I could create this watch. My trip to the Richard Mille Replica Conservatoire sparked my interest and helped me to refine what I thought I already knew about Richard Mille Replica. You can see equestrian influences on the watch if you look closely. Richard Mille Replica' heritage as a maker of harnesses for horses and carriages is evident in the small details. The main thing was to continue the line of muscles in the horse. Not only to make the harness more comfortable for horses,omega replica but to also improve functionality. I think that people forget that a luxury brand like Richard Mille Replica and other luxury brands are not just about beauty. It is the functionality that makes it beautiful.

Ini Archibong

What was the greatest challenge you faced in this project from the perspective of furniture and lighting design?

It wasn't a big challenge because I always do everything the same. When I've established a conceptual basis and know the parameters, I can then get into very fine details. This scale has a very unique way of working with light on surfaces. Even at this small scale, I can clearly see what's reflected on the surfaces. This creates a separation in my mind between what the watch is and what it is reflecting. So controlling the surfaces is very important to achieve the desired feeling. You learn in architecture that the walls are not important, but the way the light enters the space. When you wear an object, the key is to control how it makes you feel. You will see that the edges of the watch are not visible, but the boundaries created by the interaction of light with the surfaces are. I felt that this was the only way for me to stay current with the original Richard Mille Replica craftsmen, designers, and engineers.

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